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Butterfly Party Inspo

Butterfly Party Inspo
A butterfly theme makes the perfect girls' birthday theme just in time for spring. 

Butterfly Party Decorations

If possible, host the butterfly birthday party in a garden, park, or backyard. That way, Mother Nature will do most of the decorating for you.

Here are a few touches you could add:

  • Make a butterfly garland by making a template from a butterfly outline, tracing it on decorative paper, cutting out the butterflies, and then stringing them together with ribbon.
  • Cover tables with white tablecloths and set out bouquets nestled in tin cans or potted flowers that you could later give away as party favors.
  • Your party supplies (cups, plates, napkins, balloons, etc.) could resemble the colors of a butterfly, such as blue, purple, yellow, and pink.
1. Flutter Large Plates | one
2. Flutter Large Napkins | two
3. Flutter 9 oz Cups | three 
4. Flutter Mylar Balloons | four 
5. Butterfly Classic Balloons | five  
6. Butterfly Artisan Confetti | six 

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