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How to Keep Plants Alive in Your Apartment

How to Keep Plants Alive in Your Apartment - Robin and Rose

Indoor plants are an essential component of every interior design. Plants brighten up your space and even removes pollution and toxins from the air. Plants are even known to boost your mood. 

Indoor plants are relatively easy to take care of and can compliment any interior design style. They are a great option for people who don't have a lot of yard space or live in a place with very cold winters. 

If you are thinking of adding indoor plants to your apartment, use our tips to bring plants in your space and keep them alive. 

1. Look for plants that can survive in the lighting available in your space. Each plant has different lighting requirements. Use a light meter or a light meter app to determine how much natural light your apartment gets. When you're shopping for plants, look for plants that thrives in the amount of light in your apartment. 

2. Buy a grow light. If your space does not get much light, invest in a grow light for your plants. Grow lights mimic the sun and give your plants some much needed sunlight. 

3. Plants thrive in moisture-rich environments. Your bathroom is a natural choice for houseplants. Spider plants and bamboo are great plants to grow in your bathroom. 

4. Clean your plants. House plants get dirty too. Leaves can collect dust, dirt, and allergens. Every two months, take some time prune dead leaves, dust the leaves, and wipe the plants down with plain water. 

5. Make sure your plants are in a potting mix that drains well. Ordinary garden soil is made for plants that live outdoors, potting mix will make sure your plants get the correct amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

6. You may need to provide your plants with extra moisture. Spray your plants with a fine mist using a plant mister or spray bottle or place them in a tray of water to help with creating some extra humidity. 

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