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Downloadable Party Planning Checklist

Downloadable Party Planning Checklist - Robin and Rose

At Robin + Rose, we believe parties should be two things: fun and easy. So we created a downloadable party planning checklist to make planning your next party a breeze! 

One month before the party 

Pick a theme and color scheme. Robin + Rose is your number one source for party theme and color scheme inspiration. Check out our Pinterest by clicking here

We also have tons of theme and color scheme ideas on our website in our collection section. 

Three weeks before the party

Now that you've picked a theme, you can decide what you will buy and what you will make yourself.

This is also a great time to plan your food and drink menu and enlist helpers. 

*Expert Party Tip-- Pick one element of the party to spend the most time decorating. Which part of your party do you want to be the focal point? The food table? The main table? Or do you want a super cute photo wall for Instagram pictures? Put all of your decorating attention into one element to reduce the number of tasks you need to complete. 

Two Weeks before the party 

Test out your DIYs. Make sure your DIYs look good and you have everything you need to hang them up or display them. 

Now is also the time to order the party supplies and decor you aren't making yourself to allow time for delivery. Robin + Rose has tons of modern party supplies and decor options to help you create an Insta-worthy event. 

One Week before the party 

Shop for non perishable food items and put the finishing touches on your DIYs. 

Two days before the party 

If you're having a party at home, clean up the house.

Purchase your perishable food and drink items. Confirm the time, date, and location with guests and party helpers. 

One day before the party 

Set up party furniture like folding tables and chairs. Cook, bake, and prepare party food. Start decorating, especially the larger and more complicated decorations. 

Day of the party 

Add final decorations and DIYs. Check out the @robinandroseco Pinterest and Instagram for party and table styling tips. 

Chill the drinks, display the food, and turn up the music. *High five* you just planned a party. Now it's time for the most important part of the party: partying! Toast to you. You planned the perfect party! 

Downloadable Party Planning Checklist

We've created a party planning checklist to help you plan your next party. Download and print it out to help you stay organized. And who doesn't like crossing things off a to do list? 

To download, click the checklist below. 

Party Planning Checklist

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